ATL Haulage warehousing project

ATL Haulage

Founded in 2008 ATL haulage offers general freight services across the South Island of New Zealand. Based out of Cromwell, a transport hub, ATL Haulage is supported by depots in Cromwell, Queenstown, Dunedin, Wanaka and Christchurch. This key presence makes ATL Haulage one of the leading freight and transport businesses in the Otago and Canterbury region.

As part of the company's expansion, a new building was required in Cromwell that would accommodate the company headquarters and a freight forwarding facility.

The challenge

As a new flagship depot and head office ATL required a versatile commercial building without compromise. The depot in Cromwell would need to accommodate a large loading yard with many of the firm's fleet of 25 trucks visiting each day. The office would need to house sales, admin, logistics, dispatch and operations while the warehouse needed the height and span to store a wide range of items ready for freight across the South Island.

The Requirements

  • A large covered loading bay with turning space, and minimum external legs.
  • Double-storey office building (attached).
  • Clear-span warehouse, with maximum height.
  • Large roller doors between warehouse and loading.

The Solution

The XL Structural team enlisted the in-house design team to create a design for the multi-purpose and heavily used facility that would become the main hub for ATL's operations. The result was a 30m wide covered warehouse with a 20m covered unloading canopy. Due to the high number of truck movement, XL Structural designed the canopy such that the outside legs are 12m apart. This allows a truck to pull out the side of the canopy and allows more space for forklifts to manoeuvre.

ATL Haulage new building exterior
ATL Haulage covered exterior view
ATL Haulage warehousing exterior view

Key Benefits

  • Multi-purpose building.
  • 30m x 65m warehouse.
  • 20m canopy.
  • No knee or Apex Braces.
  • XL Structural Steel portals with steel purlins and girts giving a clean look.
  • 2.4m high tilt panels around the base to reduce the chance of forklift damage to the walls.
ATL Haulage interior view
ATL Haulage new building


  • 65m x 50m.
  • 20m covered loading canopy with external legs at 12m spaces.
  • 8m high building with 2.4m concrete tilt-wall panels.
  • Double-storey office building.
ATL Haulage interior

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