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Hinemoa Quality Produce

When Hinemoa Quality Produce (commercial potato and onion growers) outgrew their existing facility, they began to look for a building that was large, durable, clearspan and birdproof!

The challenge

With the existing storage facilities at Hinemoa Quality Produce reaching 6,000-tonne capacity, the need arose to increase capacity while achieving new levels of efficiency. The 2,000 tonnes of produce needing to be stored had to avoid bird droppings, and needed to share space with trucks and harvesting machinery. Due to previous corrosion issues on the farm they wanted a building that was designed for generations to come. 

The Requirements

  • Clearspan
  • Space for 2,000 tonnes of produce
  • Bird-perch free
  • Built to last
  • Maximum clearance 
  • Rust protection

The Solution

XL Structural Steel team designed and supplied a clearspan shed with space and durability as key design objectives. The result was a clean portal design that clear spanned 27m. Due to the concern around corrosion all structural steel was hot dip galvanised and all framing was timber. This awesome building now has capacity for over 2,000 produce bins - and room for trucks and machinery.

Exterior view of the agricultural shed for Hinemoa Quality Produce
Interior view of the agricultural shed by XL Structural Steel
View from above of the agricultural shed for Hinemoa Quality Produce

Key Benefits

  • Drive-in storage each day
  • 6 bin height capacity
  • Capacity for 2,000 tonnes
  • Wide pathways for forklifts
Interior view of the agricultural shed at Hinemoa Quality Produce
Aerial view of the agricultural shed by XL Structural Steel


  • 27m wide x 48m long
  • 7m - 8.897m height
  • 8 bays at 6m
  • Large openings for easy access

No birds

“Nice clearspan, very solid frame and no birds.”

Hinemoa / Hinemoa Quality Produce

XL Structural Steel shed interior

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