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HISTORY OF XL Structural

The XL system was developed over many years by our parent company Alpine Buildings NZ Ltd. After years of experience in the rural and industrial construction industry the team were sure that there had to be a better system than the two options on the market - which were traditional structural steel methods of 'UB or lattice portals' or lightweight roll formed frames. 

We were also sure that there had to be a better way to run the design and construction process. It needed to be practical, transparent, and most of all a good connection between the design engineers, architects, steel fabricators, installers, and client. Too often these parties work in individual silos - resulting in waste, time delays and unnecessary costs. 

The result:

  • The XL Structural Steel portal design - which predominantly uses the RHS sections see 'the XL system'
  • The XL Structural construction processes - see (turnkey vs tender) - which results in a process where design professionals and builders work together to ensure a simple, practical, and efficient outcome for you and your building requirements.
The history of how XL Structural Steel started
XL Structural Steel shed


Be a cutting edge organisation providing smarter, faster, more innovative buildings.


Achieve something better every day.

Our Values

Commercial building engineers


Own the vision, make it yours

Our actions say it all. They show we believe in the product, company and people. It gives meaning and guarantees quality, passion produces excellence.

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Obliging, nimble & responsive

We respond in a helpful manner to tasks, needs and queries. With a flexible mindset, it's in us to embrace change & challenges by adjusting quickly. We're active. We're adaptive. Speed stuns.

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Trustworthy, genuine & caring

We are a team with strong genuine morals, doing the right things even when nobody notices. We listen and provide valuable advice through experience, resulting in the best possible outcome for needs and requirements. We care for all.

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Stay focused & accurate

A reliable bunch that are always there for our clients and colleagues. The team's outstanding work ethic, dedication, knowledge and experience provides a platform for accurate and consistent results.

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Being the best & believing in better

Mediocrity is not an option. Always striving to be the best. We continually innovate & improve to achieve customer delight and satisfaction.


Our team's great, but we could have room for one more if you're interested.

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