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Safely store your aircraft away from the elements

When you need secure storage for your aircraft, space for maintenance and column-free openings you need it to be XL. From aircraft on private land to airfields, we can custom-design your aircraft hangar to your specific needs and budget.

The cost of your aircraft hangar will depend on the complexity of your building's design and the aircraft hangar dimensions. Features that may increase costs include custom hangar doors, office fit-outs, gantry cranes, and more. Discover more about our aircraft hangar design below.

Aircraft Hangar building design

Wingspan = clearspan

Space to manoeuvre no matter the aircraft. Our hangar door spans can reach 50+ metres, more than enough for many aircrafts. But even on the inside, you have plenty of space to work safely around your aircraft.

Strong and secure structures to hold gantry cranes and more. Build-in your engineering and maintenance needs with our support.

Commercial and recreational flyers can find a new home in an XL Structural Steel building.

AIRCRAFT HANGAR Design Features at a Glance

Aircraft hangar design New Zealand


We have a team of experts who can custom design in extra features such as concrete tilt panels, gantries, service rails, canopies and office blocks to ensure your new building works to suit your specific business.

Large aircraft hangar designs


Extra large is literally our first name! Large buildings are what we specialise in and we have designs that can clearspan 50m+

Aircraft hangar builders


At XL Structural Steel we have different steel coatings available, hot dip galvanised, hot zinc spray and standard paint finish. The end coating used often depends on where your building is situated, what your building is used for, your budget and ultimately what will work best for your business long term.

Aircraft hangars in New Zealand


XL Structural Steel buildings are designed with rectangular hollow section (RHS) or universal beam (UB) structural steel, giving you a building that is designed for generations to come. Structural steel is proven to give optimum resale value for a building.

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The experienced XL Structural design team will look after all compliance for your project including, fire reports, architectural plans, structural plans, fire reports and the building consent.

Aircraft hangars designed in New Zealand


We have an in-depth understanding of the cost drivers in a project. Our design and sales team work together to offer optimum sizing ensuring you get maximum value without compromises. We take a fresh approach to each project, to ensure that unnecessary complexity is removed. As Albert Einstein said 'Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler'.

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Aircraft hangar building case study - Rotor Work NZ

Rotor Work NZ

Helicopter downtime cost Rotor Work NZ money as non-operational hours, maintenance and loss of income begin to add up. They have also grown its fleet of helicopters and required more room to store and service its fleet of helicopters. The decision was made to invest in a new hangar at Kihikihi that could meet the company’s storage and maintenance needs, now and into the future.

XL Structural Steel were selected as the preferred solution because the team could meet all of the above requirements while remaining on budget and delivering on time.

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From small-scale recreational aircraft hangar buildings to commercial operations our expertise can deliver the building for you. 

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