The launch of XL Structural Steel

Building on decades of experience XL Structural has arrived to build a better New Zealand!

Well designed, strong structures are the heart of what XL Structural does day in, day out and this is a philosophy that carries through to the core of the business's creation. Rather than launching from a standing start XL Structural decided to build on decades of experience, prove the concept and earn the respect of the industry under the parent company Alpine Buildings - before announcing a new brand.

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For decades Alpine Buildings has been designing and building larger and larger steel sheds across New Zealand. From origins in building the archetypal pole farm shed to increasingly complex large-span buildings the team saw the same requests come through; strong buildings free from bird-perch spots with the clearest spans possible. By striving to use a system that is smart and reduces columns and braces clients were able to build large-scale industrial buildings that maximised useable internal volume.

From massive freight and logistics centres to commercial aircraft hangars and warehouses Alpine Buildings were setting new standards for buildings where span and space were key. But as demand increased and the roster of successful projects grew, it became clear that the requirements from these customers were different enough to require a specialised, focused team to manage turnkey and tender projects at a scale not seen in most Alpine Buildings projects.

Large commercial buildings

This team comprised of specialists in structural engineering, complex commercial consents, logistics and project management. Not only are buildings of this scale a significant logistical undertaking to design and manufacture but the organisation required to tie in the arrival and installation with so many moving parts resulted in this specialist crew working closely together to refine efficiencies and deliver success time and time again.

As demand grew so did this roster of specialised, experienced personnel. Not only did these differing processes reinforce the concept of this being a completely separate division but the creation of a new division enabled processes and operations to become more focused to the one customer type.

Commercial buildings nz

As the focus continued so too the experience in handling some very demanding, large-scale projects with niche requirements. Problem solvers at heart, the team at XL Structural earned a reputation for making the process easy, no matter how complex.

So, off the back of this success, the brand itself was formed and launched. The website showcases the innovative system delivering the strength and span needed with each commercial application and the process of engaging with the team was made easy even on the website. From using the XL System identifier to understand the structures better, to the Tender vs Turnkey quiz to find the best solution for your building, the website is as easy to use as the XL Structural team are to work with.

Are you keen to learn more about the XL Structural Steel system? Why not explore our website to discover how we can help your business grow by creating the perfect building for you to service your customer base.

Hear from existing customers in our case study section and discover our range of sheds by visiting the warehouse & distribution, manufacturing, workshops & maintenance, aircraft hangars, agricultural or gantry shed pages, or download one of our brochures to learn more.

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