Blacks Fasteners

Status: Completed

/ Location

Invercargill, New Zealand

/ Building Size

21.8m x 40.7m retail store and warehouse. 5.5m knee up to 7.6m.

/ Building Use

Trade shop

/ Special Features

This building was designed as a retail showroom with a large stock storage area. The building is clad in insulated PIR panel, giving a comfortable work environment that is efficient to keep warm in winter. The offices were clad in standing seam with colours to suit the company branding.

Black Fasteners' commercial building

/ About

Blacks Fasteners began trading in New Zealand in 1989 with the aim of supplying a comprehensive range of top-quality fasteners at competitive prices to customers throughout New Zealand and beyond.

The Blacks Fasteners team had run out of space in their current facility and needed a building that was better suited to their requirements.

Blacks Fasteners-1
Blacks Fasteners (14901 - 21-4m x 40m)-2
Blacks Fasteners storage-1

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