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At XL Structural we think outside the box

When you build a structure that is at the hub of your operation, you want peace of mind that it will last long into the future. An XL Structural building is designed to be a wise investment for your operation, with low maintenance and high durability. Built to last, you can be assured that an XL Structural building will last the test of time and add lasting value to your property investment.

XL Structural Steel Custom Designs

Custom Designs

We have a team of experts who can custom design in extra features such as concrete tilt panels, gantries, service rails, canopies and office blocks to ensure your new building works to suit your specific business.

XL Structural Steel Sheds

Structural Steel

XL Structural Steel buildings are designed with rectangular hollow section (RHS) or universal beam (UB) structural steel, giving you a building that is designed for generations to come. Structural steel is proven to give optimum resale value for a building.

All compliance will be looked after by a member of the XL Structural design team

Design & Compliance

The experienced XL Structural design team will look after all compliance for your project including, fire reports, architectural plans, structural plans and the building consent.

At XL Structural we have a range of steel coating for you to choose from


At XL Structural Steel we have different steel coatings available, hot-dip galvanised, hot zinc spray and standard paint finish. The end coating used often depends on where your building is situated, what your building is used for, your budget and ultimately what will work best for your business long term.

The team from XL Structural Steel will ensure you get maximum value without compromise


We have an in-depth understanding of the cost drivers in a project. Our design and sales team work together to offer optimum sizing ensuring you get maximum value without compromises. We take a fresh approach to each project, to ensure that unnecessary complexity is removed. As Albert Einstein said 'Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler'.

Extra large structural steel hangars


Extra-large is literally our first name! Large buildings are what we specialise in and we have designs that can clearspan 50m+

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From freight to bulk storage XL Structural can design a building to meet your needs. Download the brochure to see how we can help with your manufacturing facility needs, commercial aircrafts hangars or logistics depots.